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College Algebra

revised 2020-05-25
Unit 10A

TOPICS: Conic Sections - The Hyperbola

Unit 10B

TOPIC: Conic Sections - The Parabola

  • Check for new Class Announcements.

  • Read Lesson Notes #7.2

  • MyMathLab: Study e-text section 7.3

  • WAMAP: Participate on DB8

    Read all new posts. Have you met CPRs for the week? CPR Checklist Rubric. (10 pts)

    Note week 10 deadline! Last chance to earn class participation points on the weekly DB is Saturday FRIDAY before noon.

  • MyMathLab: Prep for and take Quiz 10 which covers sections 7.2-7.3.

    Note week 10 deadline! The quiz will open at 9am Thursday Wednesday and must be completed and submitted by 9:00 pm on Saturday FRIDAY. (15 pts)
Unit 10C

Review, study, and take the final examination!

  • Final Exam Information Sheet provides detailed logistical information about the final exam.
    The final covers the entire course. You may only take it once. You have 2 hours to complete it.

  • Final Exam Topics "Checklist" (111) lists all the topics that could be included on the final exam.
    Use it as a checklist to track what you know already and what you need to study further.

  • MyMathLab: Review 1.6-1.7, 2.2, 2.5-2.8, 3.1-3.6, 4.1-4.5, 5.2, 5.4, 6.1, 7.1-7.3.
    See the Final Exam Info Sheet linked above for suggestions of how to best prepare for the exam.

  • AFTER quiz 8 grades are posted to gradebook, use Grade Calculation Sheet (9-week)
    to compute what score you need on the final to get a particular grade in the class.

  • MyMathLab: Take the Final Examination due by 9:00 pm Wednesday June 17th 2020 (30 pts)

    The final exam will open at noon Monday and must be completed and submitted by 9:00 pm on Wednesday.
    Note: If you get locked out from the final you must follow the directions at FAQ: locked out.