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College Algebra

revised 2020-04-08
Unit 5A ~ Week 3

TOPIC: Rational Functions and Graphs

Unit 5B ~ Week 4

TOPIC: Polynomial and Rational Inequalities
  • Check for new Class Announcements and your Clark Student Email.

  • Read Lesson Notes #1.3

  • MyMathLab: Study e-text section 3.6 (SKIP section 3.7)

  • WAMAP: Participate on DB4

    Read all new posts. Participate in the threads throughout the week for CPRs.

  • MyMathLab: Prep for and take Quiz 5 over e-text sections 3.5-3.6 deadline 9:00 pm THURSDAY of week 4.

    Quiz 5 will open at 9am Tuesday and must be completed and submitted by 9pm Thursday. (15 pts)