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Calculus II for STEM

revised 2020-01-15
Unit 2A

TOPIC: Volume by Slicing Methods and Volume by Shell Method

  • Check for new Class Announcements and your Clark Student Email.

  • Read Lesson Notes #6.3 and Lesson Notes #6.4

  • MyMathLab: Study e-text sections 6.3 and 6.4

  • WAMAP: Participate on DB2. This is where you earn class participation points (CPRs) for week 2.

    PARTICIPATE ON THE WEEKLY DISCUSSION BOARD REGULARLY! This class is designed on a collaborative learning model with the weekly discussion board (DB#) at its heart. The boards are where much of the learning takes place and where you earn CPR points for class participation which is a major component (about 1/3) of your overall grade. Plan to read and contribute to the threads on the discussion board on at least two days each week. It is recommended that you read the posts every other day and make one of your posts early in the week.

    Normally: For full CPR points make 3 posts over any 2 days earning one "S", one "R", and one "Q" tag.

    This WEEK 2 ONLY (accommodation for days lost due to strike):
    For full CPR points make 2 posts over any 1 day earning two "Q" tags (or better, e.g., "Q,R" earns full credit too.)

    (Not meeting this minimum requirement will be scored "as is" per normal CPR grading rubric.)

    See MathOL Syllabus - Class Participation Requirements (CPRs) for definitions of S, R, Q, and X tags

    and FAQs - Can you give me an example of how to earn full CPRs?

    Need more information about substantive posting and participation? See Q&A starting at FAQs - CPRs.

  • WAMAP: Reminder -- You must logon to WAMAP and read the DB posts at least two days every week to meet attendance requirements.
Unit 2B

TOPIC: Arc Length