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Calculus I for STEM

revised 2019-07-07
Unit 2A

TOPICS: Infinite Limits & Limits at Infinity & Limits Electronically

Unit 2B

TOPIC: Continuity
  • Check for new Class Announcements.

  • Read Lesson Notes #1.10

  • MyMathLab: Study e-text section 2.6

    Note: Section 2.7 (delta-epsilon proofs) is optional (not covered on any quiz/exam), but mathematics majors are strongly urged to cover this material on their own and practice the proofs throughout the term.

  • WAMAP: Post a substantive response to DQ 2B on DB2 due by 9:00 pm Thursday. (3 pts toward CPRs.)

  • WAMAP: Participate on DB2
    Read all new posts. Participate in the threads for CPRs.

    Have you met CPRs for the week? See CPR Checklist Rubric. (10 pts/week including DQ)
    Last chance for class participation points for week 2 is Saturday morning. (CPRs end at noon Saturday.)
    Note the posting "Dead Zone" after noon on Saturday. See FAQs - What is the "dead zone"?

    FAQs - How do I see a list of just my posts? and FAQs - Why is my CPR score zero?

  • MyMathLab: Prep for and take Quiz 2 which covers sections 2.4-2.6.

    The quiz will open at noon Thursday and must be completed and submitted by 9:00 pm on Saturday. (15 pts)