Course: Intermediate Algebra
Topic: Rational Equations and Applications
Subtopic: Applications - Work & Motion


Today we are going to apply our knowledge of solving rational equations to two types of word problems. We cover work problems where people or machines are working and motion problems where people or machines are moving. Organizing the information into a chart is recommended. Once you are able to form an equation it will likely be rational in nature solvable by the LCD or cross-products method we recently studied.


By the end of this topic you should know and be prepared to be tested on:


Terms you should be able to define: rate, memorize the distance=rate*time formula D=RT

Text Notes

Concentrate mostly on the work and motion types of word problems in this section. Also be prepared to be tested on the proportion types which are readily solved by the cross-products method.

If your text contains any "similar triangles" problems you may SKIP them as this material is covered in a pre-calculus class.

Supplementary Resources

Translating and solving word problems is often a sticking point for students, but if you keep an optimistic attitude, take one step at a time, and read the problem carefully, you can do it! Here are some useful resources: