Course: Elementary Algebra
Topic: Exponents and Polynomials
Subtopic: Polynomial Operations III - FOIL


Continuing our work with polynomials, in this lesson we focus on multiplication of polynomials including the very important FOIL method. As you are doing the FOIL problems think about how you might work this process backwards (going from the answer trinomial back to the product of two binomials) because that ("factoring") is exactly where we start in an Intermediate Algebra course!


By the end of this topic you should know and be prepared to be tested on:


Terms you should be able to define: FOIL, horizontal vs. vertical method of multiplying polynomials, Pascal's Triangle

Text Notes

Your textbook may or may not cover Pascal's Triangle. Pascal's Triangle is useful in algebra and statistics and has a wealth of historical interest. In class we will cover the basics of using Pascal's Triangle to expand binomials to a power, such as (x+y)5. A college level liberal arts mathematics course will delve deeper particularly in the area of statistics, probability, and combinatorics.