Course: Elementary Algebra
Topic: Linear Systems
Subtopic: 2x2 Systems of Equations I - Graphically


When we studied lines, the equation was a single equation in two variables such as y=-2x+5. Today's lesson involves solving a system of linear equations meaning that there are two or more equations to be solved simultaneously (at the same time). A 2x2 (read "two by two") system is two equations in two variables, a 3x3 system is three equations in three variables, etc. The solution to a 2x2 system is a point that lies at the intersection of the two lines in the system. So our goal today is to graph the lines in the system, find their intersection point, and that (x,y) is the solution to the system.


By the end of this topic you should know and be prepared to be tested on:


Terms you should be able to define: linear, system, linear system of equations, consistent system (a single solution point), inconsistent system (no soluition), dependent system (an infinite number of solutions)

Text Notes

While working through the examples in the text try to make connections between the algebraic form of the system's equations, the graph of the lines, and the number of solutions.

Supplementary Resources

You must be able to use a calculator (handheld or software) to graph a system of two lines and find their intersection point (using the INTERSECTION feature of your grapher). If you have a handheld graphing calculator then these sites may help: