Course: Elementary Algebra
Topic: Lines and their Graphs
Subtopic: Equations of Lines I - Slope-Intercept Formula


The slope-intercept method is the most useful method for graphing a linear function. Be sure to memorize the formula y=mx+b and learn to use it well! Be sure that you are able to graph a line from its equation manually by each of the following methods:

So far we have primarily been starting with a linear equation and then producing the graph. But you should also be able to work that process backwards, beginning with the graph (or information about the graph) and finding the equation of the line. This will allow us to take real-life data and find a representative linear equation thus opening up even more avenues for solving practical applications.


By the end of this topic you should know and be prepared to be tested on:


Slope-Intercept Formula for the equation of a line y=mx+b (memorize it!)

Supplementary Resources

Why is the slope-intercept equation of a line so useful? Check out a couple of these video examples from James Sousa's MathIsPower4u.com, whichever interest you:
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