Taking intermediate algebra but find that you have forgotten some basic skills dealing with fractions in pre-algebra? Studying trigonometry and needing a review of FOIL from elementary algebra so that you can successfully simplify a trigonometric expression? These lessons may just be the help you need!

Just-in-Time Maths lessons are intended as a quick review of a specific topic that you have learned before but with which you are feeling a bit rusty. They are NOT intended as complete lessons for topics you have not previously studied. Each lesson provides links to tutorial videos, written lessons with practice problems, and online games or resources. We hope you find the information timely in helping you be successful in your current mathematics course.

DIRECTIONS: Choose a topic your need to study. Click HTML for the web version or PDF for the printable version.

DISCLAIMER: Clark College (www.clark.edu) and its employees are not responsible for the content in the links contained in these lessons. However, all content was reviewed and chosen for inclusion here based on its academic relevance by one of our mathematics faculty during spring term 2012.

Pre-Algebra Topics
  1. Converting Decimals to Fractions (HTML | PDF)
  2. Converting Fractions to Decimals (HTML | PDF)
  3. Finding the LCM via Prime Factoring (HTML | PDF)
  4. Fractions: Reduce, Multiply, Divide (HTML | PDF)
  5. Fractions: Add, Subtract (HTML | PDF)
  6. Operations with Signed Numbers (HTML | PDF)
  7. Order of Operations (HTML | PDF)
Elementary/Intermediate Algebra Topics
  1. Collecting Like Terms (HTML | PDF)
  2. Distributive Law (HTML | PDF)
  3. Multiplying (FOIL) Binomials (HTML | PDF)
More Tutorial Videos

Looking for a video on a topic not listed here? Clark Prof. Keely's Math Tutorial Video Sites lists free online sources for finding tutorial videos for all levels of undergraduate mathematics.

Formula Reference Sheets

Students reviewing topics from a previous course sometimes find having a sheet of formulae useful. While it is not sufficient to just have the formula at hand -- you do also need to understand how and when to apply it -- these sheets do provide useful summaries. (Links are to files in printable PDF format.)

  1. Geometry Formula Reference Sheet
  2. Words to Operations Reference Chart (translating words to algebra)
  3. Algebra "Cheat Sheet"
  4. Review of Rational Functions and Asymptotes from College Algebra
  5. Review of Conic Sections from College Algebra
  6. Review of Trigonometry
  7. Trigonometry "Cheat Sheet"
  8. For Calculus references, see Dr. Paul Dawkin's Paul's Online Math Notes.
  9. For ALL levels of mathematics, a huge reference: Alex Spartalis's All In One Cheat Sheet