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revised 2018-07-14
Unit 9A ~ Week 6

TOPICS: 2D Vectors - Geometric Approach, Algebraic Approach, & Dot Product

Unit 9B ~ Week 6

TOPIC: 2D Vectors - Applications

  • Check for new Class Announcements.

  • Read Lesson Notes #8.3

  • MyMathLab: Study e-text section 7.5

  • WAMAP: Participate on DB6

    Be sure to meet CPRs for the week. See CPR Checklist Rubric. (10 pts/week including DQs)
    Last chance for class participation points for week 6 is Saturday morning. (CPRs end at noon Saturday.)

  • MyMathLab: Prep for and take Quiz 9 which covers e-text sections 7.4-7.5 due noon TUESDAY of week 7.

    Quiz 9 will open early Sunday morning and must be completed and submitted by noon on Tuesday. (12 pts)