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revised 2018-07-27
Unit 2A ~ Week 1

TOPICS: SOH-CAH-TOA Definition of Trig Functions & Calculators & Reference Angles

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  • Read Lesson Notes #2.1 and Lesson Notes #2.2 and Lesson Notes #3.1

  • MyMathLab: Study e-text sections 2.1-2.3

    Note: Summer term is compressed, so even though this material is included in week 1, it is NOT on Quiz 1.

    With summer being only 8-weeks long it is vital to stay on top of the material, don't procrastinate, don't get behind. I strongly recommend that you work this Unit 2A material as soon as you can in week 1, perhaps after completing Quiz 1. This Unit 2A/2B material will be covered on Quiz 2 (see below).

  • WAMAP: Read posts on DB1.
Unit 2B ~ Week 2

TOPICS: Solving Right Triangles & Applications of Right Triangle Trig