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Algebra III

revised 2017-07-06
Unit 1A

MANDATORY CLASS ORIENTATION: Before starting this first unit be sure that you have completed (or will complete by the deadlines) the day 1 and day 2 orientation items in your online classroom including the required Assignment #1 (posting your intro) and Assignment #2 (submitting your class commitment statement). Click "Orientation" tab at InteGreat.ca/OL for details.

OK? Let's get started on the course content!

TOPIC: Review Factoring, Rational Expressions, and Rational Equations

Unit 1B

TOPIC: Roots and Radicals
  • Check for new Class Announcements and your Clark Student Email.

  • Read Lesson Notes #10.1

    (Opt.) FAQs - What are the "Lesson Notes"?

  • MyMathLab: Study e-text section 10.1

  • WAMAP: Read posts on DB1.
    Reading the posts on DB1 suffices this week, but you are welcome to post questions/comments too!
    Starting in week 2 you are required to participate in the discussions on the weekly DB.

  • Prep for and take Quiz 1!

    Information about the Quiz:
    What sections does it cover?
    Those we covered in the e-text this week: Section 10.1 and some review questions from chapters 6-7
    When is the quiz open? Noon on Thursday of week 1.
    When is it due? It must be completed and submitted by 9:00 pm Saturday of week 1.
    How long do I get to take it? 45 minutes.
    How many times can I take it? Two times and only your best of the two scores will count.
    How may questions will it have? It will say before you start the quiz but usually around 14 questions.
    What if I miss the quiz? The lowest two of ten quizzes get eliminated, so missing one or two is OK.

    Need more info? See MathOL Syllabus - Quizzes and/or Q&A starting at FAQs - Quizzes.