Calculus IV
15.Functions of Several Variables
16.Multiple Integration
17.Vector Analysis
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Course: Calculus II
Topic: Integration Techniques
Subtopic: Integration by Parts


Integration by parts is an integration technique used to integrate products. Essentially it reduces the product rule of differentiation. For instance the derivative of xex is ex(x+1). Integration by parts enables us to find ∫ex(x+1)dx to get back to the xex. This technique is one of the most useful in the course!


By the end of this topic you should know and be prepared to be tested on:


Define: "by parts"

Supplemental Resources (optional)

Video: Integration by Parts, Selwyn Hollis's Video Calculus

Lesson: Finding Antiderivatives - A Review, Dale Hoffman's Contemporary Calculus provides a review of finding basic antiderivaties. Worth skimming before starting more complicated techniques of integration.

Lesson: Integration by Parts, Dale Hoffman's Contemporary Calculus