InteGreat Education of the NorthWest

InteGreat Education™ (I-Ed) provides resources and support for home-educating families in Washington State, U.S.A., and on Vancouver Island, B.C., Canada. Owned by a husband & wife team of home-educating parents.

Our focus is on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). We offer collaborative online classes, interactive activities, and hands-on workshops (SW Wash. only).



Fall 2014/Winter 2015: 5-week "Mathematics in Literature for Middle Graders" online course for home-educated students in grades 6-8 is in the works for late fall or early winter. Taught by mother-daughter team. Details coming soon.

Spring 2015/Summer 2015: Sally is available for teaching and consulting work (instructional design, faculty mentoring, etc.) in the areas of elearning maths and STEM. Northwest USA or British Columbia preferred. Please see her Academic Resume and Curriculum Vitae.

Fall 2015/Winter 2016: Plan to offer two 10-week Precalculus courses (College Algebra followed by College Trigonometry) designed for home-educated high schoolers and/or parents. Taught by Sally, a college maths professor with over 30 years experience (last 15 online). Details to come.